Jennifer Bourke 

-Designer + Artist


Dylan Law



Release Date:

Sep. 3rd 2019


Windows, Mac, + Linux

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      Welcome to the end of the world.

      In this Kafka-esque dystopia, everything is falling apart. As a result, the government has gathered all remaining animals, forming the Animal Factorization Initiative. Now you live inside a whale. 

      This surrealist seascape creates an opportunity to be an intimate part of the ecosystem you live in as you never have been before.

      What have you done?


Designer, Jennifer Bourke, loved animals since she was young. Much of her childhood was spent in the woods with her father catching and releasing tadpoles, bugs, and other creatures. When developing Bales of Amber, it was easy to combine her love of animals and her study of STS in the creation of this gestural experience. Jennifer made BoA with her teammate, Dylan Law, using Unity and Photoshop.  After two iterations over eight months, Bales of Amber was released.

      Bales of Amber was featured as a part of the Level UpState Games Accelerator at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute over the Summer of 2019. Awards for Bales of Amber include the ProtoStar Pitch Award for excellence in original pitch, and the Microsoft Women's Game Changer Award. Most recently, it was showcased at 4S New Orleans and the Emerald City Games Expo.


  • A point-hold-and-click narrative game

  • An iterative, day to day grind

  • Whales

  • A visceral experience about your own humanity

  • Bugs with faces

  • A suppositionial future based on ecological decline

Gameplay Trailer


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